PrestaShop Fix

Do you have a PrestaShop issue that is driving you mad? If so let us fix it for you.

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Each license is valid for a certain number of domains – depending on the quantity purchased.

Each domain includes all sub-domains (*.domain.tld). The license also will include localhost as a valid domain.

When the multistore feature is enabled, all domains used in the multistore are considered as one domain for license purposes.

See the End User Software License Agreement (EULA) for more details.

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PrestaShop Fix

PrestaShop Fix

Do you have a PrestaShop issue that is driving you mad? If so let us fix it for you.


Has a module ruined your PrestaShop website?
Are you getting a white screen on your website?
Need help speeding up your shopping cart system?
Do you have database problems?
Does your theme need to be improved?


PrestaShop Issues - Sometimes new versions can cause issues and incompatibility.

Theme Issues - Uploading and installing PrestaShop themes. Tweaking your theme.

Module Issues - Module conflicts can be a daunting task to fix. Installing and setting up


General Issues - Have something that you need fixed? Fix simple errors. One ticket for one PrestaShop issue.


What issues does not cover PrestaShop Fix?
Creating whole websites
Setting up whole PrestaShop website
Complicated or long-term core PrestaShop code fix.
Complicated module customization
Complete theme customization
Moving your website to another host
Telephone consultations
Other issues with the estimated fix time longer than 90 minutes


One service purchase is for one PrestaShop issue to be fixed. It includes the time to discuss, research, understand, find out whether it can be fixed and fix it. It will take from 1 to 72 hours to fix.


If we can not fix it we will refund your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Once you have purchased the service, we will contact you on your email address for details.

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.

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Always a great help!

Many thanks for all your support and brilliant work!


    Excellent professional and excellent work

    Vladimir from M4 PrestaAddons is an excellent professional.
    Recognizes existing problems very quickly and knows how to fix it.
    But regrettably he has very little time for small projects.
    The work he's done so far has been very good !!!

    Peter (Germany)


      Poškodená databáza a následné pomalé otváranie kategórii v e-sho

      Vynikajúca komunikácia, problém bol vyriešený v dohodnutom termíne, cena za vykonané služby je prijateľná. Ďalšia spolupráca je istá na 100%.



        Had an issue with PrestaShop Back Office & this got resolved very quickly & rather cheaply. On that basis went back & purchased an upgrade & additional support. Will use again.


          Great, professional and fast

          Not only fixed the problem, but it was really fast, and professional. Could not be a best experience. I will recommend this service from now, and of course, will take it again if I need it in the future.


            Problems With back end Orders

            Had some major probs with back end orders, this also influenced my invoicing slips. The system had not deleted some demo products and these were messing up all the back end orders. Vladimir Found the problem and fixed it it like a pro! Quick fast and very professional would deff recommend this guys knows his stuff!



              I had the dreaded "HTML 500 Server" error and the "Premature end of script headers" error.

              Vladimir quickly found the broken item and repaired it.

              The errors were gone. Great work. Thanks!



                Poďakovanie a odporúčanie ak máte nejaký problém s prestashopom obrátiť sa na túto firmu. Promptné vyriešenie problému kde sme nevedeli dlho chybu odstrániť a behom hodinky bol problém touto firmou odstránení. *Nenahrávalo nám obrázky k produktom vypisovalo chybu. JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1.


                  fast. unparalleled.

                  Without words.
                  In the blink of an eye it has been resolved.
                  Vladimir was lightning, identified the problem and in 30 minutes he resolved the error that I had on the site.
                  I will never do less of its valuable work.


                    Internal Server Error

                    Really great service. Fixed the problem, provided in depth prognosis and follow up too.
                    I was initially skeptical about payment, but in the end; money well spent.
                    Would recommend this service to all those who not experts like myself.
                    Thanks !



                      Very satisfied with this company.
                      Vladimir was available and efficient.


                        Great work

                        Just a quick thanks to the team @ M4
                        I highly recommend this company
                        as they resolved my issues very quickly as I had 4 other people have a look at the issue and they could not fix it the guys @ M4 looked at my Prestashop install and fixed the bug in 15mins
                        Thanks Heaps will use you and Recommend you guys to everyone
                        From Gerry (Australia)

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                          PrestaShop Fix

                          PrestaShop Fix

                          Do you have a PrestaShop issue that is driving you mad? If so let us fix it for you.