M4 PDF Extensions

Get more options for creating PDF documents in PrestaShop. Using templates, you can create your own look for PDF invoices, mailing labels, product catalogs, price lists, and even more.

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  • Version 3.5.1
  • Last updated 2024-07-12
  • PrestaShop 1.6 - 8.1
  • PHP 5.6 - 8.2
  • Updates FREE

Each license is valid for a certain number of domains – depending on the quantity purchased.

Each domain includes all sub-domains (*.domain.tld). The license also will include localhost as a valid domain.

When the multistore feature is enabled, all domains used in the multistore are considered as one domain for license purposes.

See the End User Software License Agreement (EULA) for more details.

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M4 PDF Extensions

M4 PDF Extensions

Get more options for creating PDF documents in PrestaShop. Using templates, you can create your own look for PDF invoices, mailing labels, product catalogs, price lists, and even more.


10 Reasons

  1. Customize PDFs quickly and easily
  2. Online template editor
  3. More than 70 templates to choose from
  4. Wide range of customisable options available
  5. Consistently high quality PDF output
  6. More options, more accuracy
  7. No restrictions for fonts and languages
  8. Seamless integration with your shop
  9. Investment protection
  10. More than 1,000 satisfied customers

Customize PDFs quickly and easily

Easily make minor template modifications.

Completely redesign your templates in a fraction of the usual time.

No need to search for the core PDF code improvements in forums and blogs, often available only for some versions of PrestaShop.

Edit your own templates and save on professional design costs.

Get new design options through the module, no need to learn PrestaShop code.

Online template editor

Edit and create new templates even faster with the online editor.

Improve a template and test it with real data in seconds.

Get started with commented templates supplied with the module.

Effortlessly create customized documents even with very different appearance.

Built in debug template displays the available data for ease of use.

Change the overall look of documents using CSS style.

Editor supports syntax highlighting, automatic indenting, highlight matching parentheses.

Use drag and drop or cut/copy, and paste - whichever you prefer.

An HTML output option is available for debugging purposes.

More than 70 templates to choose from

Ready to use sample templates.

Manage multiple templates easily.

Options include invoice, delivery, and credit slip.

Create product catalogs or catalog pages.

Create order and customer lists.

Print address labels or mailing labels with barcode.

Create special PDFs like Membership cards.

Use autofill for regular forms and preprinted boxes.

Create an unlimited number of different outputs using templates.

Use a different template for each purpose and/or see the same data in different ways.

PDF documents for one record or for several selected records (pages or lists).

Wide range of customisable options available

Use your own images anywhere you want.

Use a watermark to create a special invoice or catalog look.

Create a table of contents in a catalog or other larger collection of documents.

Use headers and footers, repeating on all pages or only selected ones.

Choose from EAN barcodes and 42 other codes, including QR code.

Divide words and numbers by characters and fill in preprinted boxes.

Consistently high quality PDF output

The original PDF invoice in PrestaShop is updated periodically.

Consistent output regardless of PrestaShop version.

Always have the most up-to-date version of PrestaShop.

Easily customize the contents of invoices to comply with legal requirements of your country of residence.

Produce different invoices for customers from different countries or using different languages.

More options, more accuracy

Get more from data stored in PrestaShop.

Replace the original invoice with your design.

Support for additional user-defined fields in database.

Change language in Back Office when printing invoices.

Create a PDF in an inactive language.

Templates support a degree of text memory making translation of new templates easier.

Automatic correction of base and tax amounts in the tax breakdown in some versions of PrestaShop.

Intelligent calculation of order totals minimises issues with discount/VAT calculations in earlier versions.

Additional data available for templates, including as packs, product details, and product images.

Control invoice appearance - repeat headers on all pages, non-overlapping blocks etc.

Create a special PDF in customer's account, for example a Membership card.

Let visitors create PDF Catalog page on the product details page.

See comparison of invoices in different versions of PrestaShop
PrestaShop v1.6.1.4original invoiceM4 PDF Extensions
PrestaShop v1.6.0.5Back Officeoriginal invoiceM4 PDF Extensionsall combined

See comparison of credit slips in different versions of PrestaShop
PrestaShop v1.6.1.1Back Officeoriginal credit slipM4 PDF Extensions
PrestaShop v1.6.0.14Back Officeoriginal credit slipM4 PDF Extensions
PrestaShop v1.6.0.11Back Officeoriginal credit slipM4 PDF Extensions

No restrictions for fonts and languages

UTF-8 encoding fully supported in all versions of PrestaShop.

Support for non-latin fonts - Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and more.

Support for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages with automatic layout inverting and dual LTR and RTL templates.

Multi-language support for user texts in templates.

Ability to print localized amounts according to customer's country.

Mix every font and language in one document.

Seamless integration with your shop

No PrestaShop code patching required.

Hassle free upgrades.

The module can be turned off without limitation of original functions.

Finely adjustable replacement for built-in PrestaShop PDF documents. You can replace only part of them.

Investment protection

The same templates are used in all versions of PrestaShop.

The module is compatible with PrestaShop v1.6 and all newer versions.

One version of the module for all versions of PrestaShop.

This module is an investment in your business that will save you time and costs.

More than 1,500 satisfied customers

Be more productive.

Stand out from the crowd.

Be independent.

The module is continually improved based on customer feedback. Your wishes and opinions are welcome.

Reliable after-sale customer support.

Custom design and customizing of templates also available.

The module has been used by satisfied customers since 2010.

All upgrades are FREE for life (when purchased on www.presta-addons.com).

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.

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Brilliant ! Will do the job 100%

This module is working very well under all Presta versions (tested from 1.6 to 8.03). It is the only module that respects the table layout if you have td tags in your products description, which was the case for me. The support is brilliant, Vladimir helped me to fix on or two very minor issues. Regards


    Bon module

    Bon module et parfait support



      It is an excellent module, and best support. I had special requests to set the module and the support team solved every problem. The module is perfect for my needs.


        Skvělý a mocný nástroj pro PrestaShop

        Zakoupili jsme si tento mdul M4 PDF rozšíření pro Prestashop kde provozujeme online prodej s potřebami pro stolní tenis a nemůžeme si jej vynachválit. Modul umí spoustu věcí, takže není třeba kupovat jiné jednotlivé moduly. My používáme modul M4 PDF rozšíření pro faktury, které umí vytvořit ve všech jazykových mutacích, které eshop má nainstalované. Dále ho používáme pro daňovou povinnost odvodu DPH, kde nám modul M4 PDF rozšíření vypočítá částku, která se má odvést státu. Modul M4 PDF rozšíření má mnoho dalších funkcí a šablon pro použití. Co chceme zdůraznit je to, že autor modulu nám vyšel až neuvěřitelně vstříc nad ráme jeho povinností. Pokud provozujete eshop na systému PrestaShop, tento modul M4 PDF rozšíření je neocenitelným pomocníkem při praci !!! Jestliže potřebujete mít vyspělý eshop na systému PrestaShop, tak právě modul M4 PDF rozšíření s jeho mnoha funkcemi vám to zajistí !!!


          Great Module - even better support !

          Many thanks to Vladimir for not only an awesome module that really adds much needed functionality but when it became clear I needed it to do more he stepped in and provided a very cost effective solution and promptly wrote some more code. Highly recommended.


            A most have module

            One of the best modules in our backend. Also great help from the creator, Most of the time he's online in the chat and willing to help you through the end. 5 stars +



              Everything is perfect. Support is excelent.


                Supper Support

                I had i question how to add stock quantity to the packingslib so we can check to stock during packing. In 3 minutes it was done cause of the helpdesk. 5 stars +


                  Modulo m4

                  E' il modulo che cercavo per stampare i codici a barre articolo dall'ordine , modulo modificato dallo staff, serio veloce e disponibile ad accettare la mia richiesta modifica ricevuta gratuitamente.


                    Naprostá spokojenost

                    Skvělá a technicky perfektní podpora, která mi pomohla i nad rámec standartu a přispěla výraznou měrou k bezproblémovému nasazení modulu. Mohu jen vřele doporučit.



                      fantastic module, worth every cent! there are many templates to choose from and allow for easy modification. great for creating custom pdf invoices or even entire product catalogs. support is outstanding and super friendly. highly recommended.


                        Top Modul und Service

                        Es ist ein sehr schönes Modul, man kann seine eigenen Templates erstellen usw. genau das was ich gesucht habe. Dann kam die erste Frage. Vladimier hatte umgehend support gegeben und das an einem Samstag DANKE ;-)


                          Top solution, top module, top support

                          We buy this great module and now we use it every day for printing all Post shipping documents. It work 100% without any issues! I don`t know how we will be without it... Also Vladimir was made all templates for our needs in time, for correct price. After sale (we need some small help-s) was also top! Some others Presta modules producers are also ok, but Vladimir is on the top of my list. Quick, smart and honest! I would like to have him in my company, but this unfortunately is not possible.


                            The best module - Il miglior modulo

                            Instead of drive crazy to customize your invoice every time that prestashop will update, get this module is so simple and you will have the same invoice as long as you want or need.
                            Invece di impazzire per personalizzare la fattura ogni volta che prestashop si aggiornerà, comprate questo modulo, è così semplice e si avrà la stessa fattura per tutto il tempo che vi servirà


                              the best

                              great module for pdf's and sav au top!


                                Laurent DC

                                Après avoir cherché partout un outil qui me permet de modifier l'aspect d'une facture , j'ai trouvé M4 pdf.
                                Enfin un module performant, simple d'utilisation, professionnel.
                                Le support est excellent, rapide, professionnel, à l'écoute du client. Je recommande à tous d'acheter ce module qui est tout simplement parfait. !!


                                  Great module and service!

                                  Very satisfied with this module. It gives absolute control and freedom over all your PDF's, with correct calculations. The free updates are a nice bonus. Thanks


                                    Excelente módulo y excelente soporte

                                    Realmente es un módulo muy útil para prestashop.
                                    Es fácil de manejar y tiene muchas posiblilidades.
                                    El servicio técnico y de atención al cliente es excelente.
                                    100% recomendable!!


                                      Le module à posséder !

                                      Ce module est très bien conçu.
                                      L'éditeur peut moyennant contribution personnaliser vos documents et ça c'est un plus non-négligeable.
                                      Le dialogue est constructif, rapide et efficace.
                                      C'est le module dont on ne peut plus se passer !
                                      Bravo au concepteur.


                                        Best Form!
                                        Exceptional support !
                                        Recommended ...

                                        I solved many problems with this Module, the support followed me until the problem is resolved. very well. !!!


                                          I bought this module a while ago.
                                          What a great module and what is even more important in my opinion : what a great service.
                                          Highly recommended !!


                                            "Should have" module. Easy to update and make your own templates. From labels to printing of orders. Excellent support.
                                            My rating: +++++


                                              ^^What he said. This thing is EXCELLENT.


                                                This last update is really fantastic to an already great module.

                                                If you have a multi-language shop and need invoices in the customers language the way you want it, then this is the one you need.

                                                I had some back and forth with the developer and he helped me a lot and responded very quick. Thanks again!


                                                  A brilliant module, allowed us to add barcodes based on our internal product reference numbers to packing slips


                                                    What a great module is this. Even more I expected.
                                                    It's worth every penny!

                                                    Beceause I'm not that good in programing and installing Vladimir of M4 helped me out. I needed him several times... Thanks Vladimir.

                                                    Good modules & great service!

                                                      Write your review!

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                                                      M4 PDF Extensions

                                                      M4 PDF Extensions

                                                      Get more options for creating PDF documents in PrestaShop. Using templates, you can create your own look for PDF invoices, mailing labels, product catalogs, price lists, and even more.